Wash Your Microfiber Clothes With Easy Tricks

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You are worried about washing your microfiber cloth and you don’t even have any experience washing microfiber cloths at first. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you and guide you on how to wash microfiber clothes

We use microfiber cloths to clean surfaces like mirrors, windows, furniture, and more because of their excellent absorbency. If our microfiber cloths get dirty and we don’t wash them quickly, they can develop a strong, unpleasant odor. And during the cleaning process, instead of cleaning our things, they leave their dirty marks on the surfaces. Let’s dive in with me to know why washing of microfiber clothes needs attention before washing and how to wash microfiber clothes to maintain hygiene and for transparent cleaning effects.

Why Is Washing Of Microfibers Necessary?

We use microfiber cloths to clean the dust from our household items in our everyday lives, so they accumulate a lot of dust and germs. And, if we continue to use microfiber cloths without washing them for a long time, it creates an unbearable smell. We have to make a lot of effort to get rid of this bad smell. And if we use our microfiber clothes without washing them for a long time, their life span also decreases.

For example, if we are cleaning a mirror and our microfiber cloth already has dirt or debris on its fibers, then all the dirty marks will be transferred to the mirror. And instead of our mirror get cleaning, it will become dirtier. So, we must clean our microfiber clothes after every use.

How to wash microfiber clothes?

Here I will share with you some easy tricks to wash your microfiber clothes that I also use in my everyday life and get excellent results while cleaning.

Separate Microfiber Clothes From Other Garments

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You should separate your microfiber clothes before washing them. Microfiber cloth fibers are very delicate and stick to other fabrics during washing. Also, they absorb our other clothes’ fiber into themselves. These fibers later become quite difficult to clean from other clothes and sometimes not even clean from some of our clothes.

And suppose even if they are cleaned, you will waste a lot of time and energy in cleaning them. Therefore, to avoid any of these situations, it is better to wash separate microfiber from other fabrics

Pre-soak Microfiber Clothes In Clean Water

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We use microfiber clothes to clean dirt, so, a lot of dirt accumulates in the fiber layer, which is not visible from the outside. If we put it in detergent water without washing it with clean water, detergent water will become very dirty, which will affect the cleanliness of the clothes. First, rinse the microfiber cloth with clean water so that it comes out well. Then fill a tub or sink with water with the mixture of detergent and soak the microfiber cloth in it for 30 to 45 minutes to help clean the stuck layers of dirt in the fibres. Then rinse it with simple tap water and dry it in the open air.

Don’t Use Bleach And Fabric Softener

When washing microfiber cloths we should take less than a few precautions. Not all chemicals and detergents are suitable for our microfiber cloths. If you use bleach to clean the stains on your microfiber cloth, it will damage the fibers of your microfiber cloth because it is a strong chemical. Similarly, you cannot use fabric softener to keep microfiber cloths soft.

Both of these things do not maintain the effectiveness of our microfiber cloths and affect the ability of the cloth to absorb dirt. Bleach and fabric softeners damage the life of your microfiber clothes

Wash Them Into Suitable Temperature

All the temperatures are not suitable for washing microfiber cloths. If we wash with too hot water, the fiber and quality of the cloth are damaged. Due to hot water shortening the life of microfiber clothes. 70°C temperature is suitable for washing microfiber clothes. if you increase the temperature to more than 70°C it will definitely be harmful for the fibers of the clothes. So avoid exceeding the temperature limit use 67°C is the most suitable temperature that easily wash your clothes without any damage. 

Don’t Dry Them In The Dryer

Just as hot water is not suitable for our microfiber clothes, drying them in the dryer is also not good for the health of our clothes. If we dry microfiber cloths in the dryer, it will harden the fibers of the cloth which will affect their absorbency. Because the fibers of microfiber cloth are very soft, they tend to bunch up when you dry them in the dryer.

So always choose a shady and ventilated place to dry them. Avoid hanging your microfiber clothes even in sunlight as this is also harmful to the health of microfiber clothes.

Pro Tips About Microfiber Cloths

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Here are some beneficial tricks that can expand the life of your micro-fiber clothes;

  • Keep your microfiber clothes in a dry and cool place to avoid fungus and odors.
  • Wash your microfiber clothes with clean water after every use. Washing daily microfiber clothes expands the life of your clothes.
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softener while you wash your microfiber cloths.

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Is it possible to wash microfibers by hand?

Yes, handwashing is the perfect cleaning method for your microfiber clothes. Handwashing is a gentle method to remove the dust and stains from your microfiber fabrics.

How can I wash microfibers manually?

  • Separate microfiber clothes from your other fabrics
  • Clean it with clean water before proper washing
  • Use light detergent to clean your microfiber fabric
  • Use cool water 
  • Dry microfiber fabric in a ventilated place

What is perfect for microfibers to prevent odors?

You can use white vinegar to prevent odors. White vinegar is perfect for avoiding odors in your microfiber clothes.

Wrap up

Finally, as you know now, how to wash microfiber clothes. Microfiber clothes have very delicate fibers; therefore, we should treat them gently. As I mentioned above, tricks like washing your microfiber cloth separately, pre-soak technique, no bleach for microfiber, dealing with suitable temperatures, and avoiding drying in a dryer help you to clean your microfiber life, as well as the most effective techniques to wash your microfiber cloth. 

If you have no time, then you hire FastcleanLaundry to wash your laundry as well as your microfiber clothes. Fastcleanlaundry deals with your delicate clothes separately and with care. Fastcleanlaundry offers you a full range of laundry services, including cleaning, washing, folding, ironing, packaging, and repairing alterations. To get delicate service to wash your microfiber clothes, contact us at +447340834819 or check our pricing list to get more cleaning and dry cleaning services for your laundry. Enjoy seamless, free pick-up and delivery laundry service at your doorstep.

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