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Have you got a stain on your clothes and want to bleach it? But you don’t know how to use bleach in laundry. So there is no need to worry. You have come to the right platform. Here, I will tell you how much bleach can be used. So be connected with me to learn how to use bleach for stain removal.

Sometimes we get curry stains on our clothes while eating, which are not being cleaned even with detergent. And sometimes playing on the playground gets grass stains that are difficult to clean. So you can use bleach to remove such hard stains. Using bleach can restore your clothes to their original shape. Also, you can use bleach to sanitize and whiten your clothes.

But bleach is not suitable for all kinds of fabric. Some fabric threads are sensitive and can be damaged by using bleach. And you can’t use bleach for colored clothes either, it spoils the color of your clothes. Therefore, before washing the clothes, read the label on them to see if you can bleach them or not. Bleach has a specific amount to use. If you use too much bleach, it weakens your clothes. In this article, I will tell you “how to use bleach in laundry” for different loaded clothes. 

What is Bleach and How Does it Help With Laundry?

Bleach is a liquid chemical used for laundry stain removal and sanitizing our clothes.  In the market, two types of bleach are found.

Chlorine bleach:

Chlorine bleach is used for whitening clothes to remove stains and whitening purposes. If you use chlorine bleach on the colored fabric, it can spoil the color of your clothes. It is a powerful bleach that can remove stains from white clothes but spoiled colored clothes. So, it is only best for colored garments.

Oxygen bleach:

Oxygen bleach is the best oxidant for colored clothes. It can’t spoil or damage the colored clothes. Also, you can use it for stain removal and whitening your clothes. It is light bleach, not as strong as chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleach is effective in powdered shape. The liquid formula of oxygen bleach spoils its effectiveness when it is open and exposed to air, it turns around into the water.

How Much Bleach Used to Clean Your Laundry?

Purpose of BleachQuantity of bleach
Sanitize clothes½ cup
Light stain removal and whitening⅓ cup
Heavy stain removal ⅔ cup

How To Use Bleach in Laundry?

Sort out: Before “cleaning laundry”, separate the clothes you want to bleach from colored and sensitive garments. Put white clothes in a separate pile that needs bleach.

Put water in the washer:  After sorting out your clothes, fill the water into the clothes washer according to the size of your laundry. Try to keep the water warm as bleach is more effective in warm water.

Dilute the bleach: Before using bleach, dilute it with water. Take a quarter of the amount of water you put in your clothes washer and add bleach to it. Put this bleach-mixed water in the clothes washer and mix the detergent in it.

Start washer: After mixing the bleach and detergent, put your clothes in the washer and close the clothes washer door to run it. Select the washer’s heavy cycle because the heavy cycle with hot water cleans clothes more thoroughly.

Precaution while Bleach at Home

Since bleach is a sensitive chemical it can be harmful to you sometimes. Here are some precautions that you should follow when you bleach your clothes at home.

  • If you want to wash your clothes by hand, then you need to wear gloves and a mask. 
  • Before bleaching white clothes, separate them from other clothes. If a drop of bleach falls into the colorful or sensitive clothes, it can damage the color or fabric of your outfit.
  • You cannot soak your clothes in bleach water for more than 1 hour. Because bleach is a chemical,  if you dip your clothes for more than an hour, it weakens the threads of your outfit.
  • Open the windows to ventilate the laundry area.
  • Place the bleach bottle at a safe site and out of reach from the children.
  • Don’t unwrap the bleach bottle’s label for safety purposes.

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1- What is the best amount of bleach used in laundry?

Use 5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of room temperature water and 4 tablespoons per quart of room temperature water.

2- Why Use Bleach In Laundry?

Usually, bleach is used in the laundry for white clothes to keep shine in white clothes. If a stain appears on your clothes then you can use bleach for stain removal. 

3- Can I mix bleach with detergent?

Yes, you can mix bleach with your clothes-washing detergent. Before mixing, dilute the bleach in water and then add detergent for best results.

4- How much bleach is required in the laundry load?

You should use bleach according to the quantity and load of your clothes. If your clothes are most soiled then you can use ⅔ cup bleach. But if you want to use bleach to improve the efficiency of cleaning then use just ½ cup of bleach. 


As you understand now better, bleach is a stain-removal chemical, and how to use bleach in laundry. A specific quantity of bleach is added with water for your different kinds of soiled attire.  As above mentioned, the quantity of bleach. More quantity can damage the fabric of your clothes. Since bleach is a chemical therefore use it carefully. Wear gloves and a mask before laundry cleaning with bleach. We also deal in bedding , ironing and provide complete care with our alter and repair service.
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