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Skip the laundry queue and take back your weekends! Fast Clean Laundry offers a convenient and affordable laundry delivery service. We pick up your dirty clothes, expertly clean them using stain-removal techniques, and deliver them back fresh and folded, right to your doorstep.

Whether you need a regular laundry routine taken care of or a one-time deep clean for delicates, we’ve got you covered. We use eco-friendly detergents to keep your clothes looking their best while being gentle on the planet.

Laundry Service

Pamper your clothes with wash and fold Laundry Service, your trusty cleaning solution.

Dry Cleaning

We Keep your delicate garments clean with advanced technology to look best with care.

Repair & Alterations

A  new lease on life with our expert repairs and alterations make your clothes look perfect.

Washing & Ironing

Save time and effort with our professional ironing service.

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Say goodbye to Laundry – let FastCleanLaundry take care of it for you!

Dry cleaning is a process that uses a cleaning solvent and a tumble action process.  We use a solvent called heated hydrocarbon.

In short, items are sorted by fabric, color, and care instructions.  They are placed in a large, front-loading dry cleaning machine.  Items are cleaned and dried in the same cycle.  Because no moisture (meaning from water) is used in the process, and because items go in “dry” and come out “dry”, we call it dry cleaning.

All garments are required to have care instructions, either on an attached tag or accompanying documentation.  Dry clean only garments will have the dry clean symbol indicated on the tag. Please reference our Care Label Symbol sheet to view this and more common laundry care symbols.