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Are You looking for an expert and an affordable dry cleaner? At Fastcleanlaundry we welcome you with our delegate service of dry cleaning with free pickup and delivery for your laundry needs, to give you utmost experience.We care for your fabric with love may it your blazers, coat, a fully embroidered hand embellished shirt or your wedding dress. Our team of experts cater all your laundry needs to give you flawless laundry experience.

Your favorite attire expires with traditional washing. On the other hand dry cleaning is perfect with quality service but hard to do at home.No worry Fast clean Laundry serves you to dry clean your attire. Say no to piles of dry clean laundry at home and hire reliable and affordable laundry service with scheduled laundry options. Our team of  professionals dry cleaners work with new innovative technology by using liquid solvents, instead of water, to remove soils and stains. We  deal with delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and leather that could be damaged by traditional water-based washing but dry cleaning is the perfect option for cleaning and stain removing.Your Fabric is our responsibility and we keep it on top priority.

We understand you are busy and don’t have time for laundry. You are working as a professional or homemaker or you are a hostel student worried about your clean shirts or suits then you need no jittery. We offer all  laundry services that ease your laundry needs like hamming your pants, repairing your zipper or patches, ironing your clothes, washing and dry cleaning. You order, we pick, we clean, we deliver. We offer live support 24/7 for your convenience. Book your dry cleaning service today and save your time to plan a family dinner!!!!


Dry Cleaning Services

Fast Dry Cleaning PickUp Service

We offer free pickup and delivery laundry service for convenience of professionals and homeowners. We pick your laundry in an hour, We dry clean and deliver you the same day.

Your convenience is our top priority . We also offer you schedule your deliveries to make it more reliable and convenient.Our Dry cleaning service delivers you a high quality cleaning and ironing facility which ensures the longlasting of your attire.

How Our Dry Cleaning Service Works?

Dry cleaning means “No” to regular washing with water, chemical solvents used to clean your fabric stain and grim without compromising on the quality of your fabric that’s why it is called dry cleaning. Commonly perchloroethylene (perc), a transparent liquid used to clean the stain. Dry cleaning is not a simple process like washing laundry in a machine multiple sessions done to clean a stain by using liquid solvents instead of water. After cleaning the fabric, transfer into the dryer tub to make your clothes dry. After quality inspection the team of professionals recheck the quality of cleaning and stains then approve the dry cleaning after that the fabric moves to the packaging department to safely deliver it to you.

Pick and Drop Dry Cleaning Services

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Get Clean Clothes Without Leaving Home

Skip the laundry queue and take back your weekends! Fast Clean Laundry offers a convenient and affordable laundry delivery service. We pick up your dirty clothes, expertly clean them using stain-removal techniques, and deliver them back fresh and folded, right to your doorstep.

Whether you need a regular laundry routine taken care of or a one-time deep clean for delicates, we’ve got you covered. We use eco-friendly detergents to keep your clothes looking their best while being gentle on the planet.

Laundry Service

Pamper your clothes with wash and fold Laundry Service, your trusty cleaning solution.

Dry Cleaning

We Keep your delicate garments clean with advanced technology to look best with care.

Repair & Alterations

A  new lease on life with our expert repairs and alterations make your clothes look perfect.

Washing & Ironing

Save time and effort with our professional ironing service.

Schedule your free pickup in minutes! Get a quote online or give us a call today.

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Life’s Too Short for Laundry! Here’s Why We’re Your Perfect Match

Effortless Laundry, Delivered

Skip the laundromat and reclaim your weekends! We offer free pickup and delivery, so you can spend less time sorting socks and more time doing the things you love.

Your One-Stop Shop for Clothes Care

We’re more than just laundry! From delicate dry cleaning and mobile ironing to expert repairs and alterations, we handle all your clothing needs. It’s like having your own personal wardrobe concierge.

Expert Clean, Guaranteed

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to perfectly-folded bliss! Our experienced team uses the latest technology and gentle cleaning methods to keep your clothes looking their best, wrinkle-free.

Always Here to Help

Life throws curveballs, and laundry is no exception. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer support. Have a question or special request? We’re just a phone call or email away, ready to assist you with a smile.


Say goodbye to Laundry – let FastCleanLaundry take care of it for you!

Yes,in regular washing you have no assurity to clean stains but when your choice is dry cleaning it means your fabric delivers without any stain looks like new.

All types of fabric included silk, wool , cashmere, leather, Rayon, synthetic fabrics used in professional wear and a part of home laundry.

Some materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, acrylic, and acetate are the fabrics that are not  dry cleaned.

Dirt and oil based stains cause smell,After removing stains and dirt liquid CO2 used to remove smell in dry cleaning.

Cotton easily rinses with hot or cold water and is machine washable so no extra need to dry clean but if you want extra care then yes cotton dry cleaned easily.

Yes, jeans are easily dry clean and as you know dry cleaning means no use of water so it helps to avoid fading of normal jeans’ indigo color too.

Yes, dry cleaners easily dry clean your handbags to look fresh and smell good.