How To Wash Clothes Without Washer?

wash your clothes with hands

You don’t have a washing machine, and you’re thinking about how to wash your clothes without a washer, even though washing them is essential for you? So keep calm and take a long breath because you are on the right platform where I dissolve your problem. I will tell you “how to wash clothes without washer” with the best quality and without any damage to your loved ones.

Washing clothes without a washing machine is definitely a tedious task, but it is good for our clothes. Washing our delicates without a washer keeps the shine and elegance of the clothes for a long time. And anyway, without a washer, we can wash our clothes in a more eco-friendly way. But if we also choose a laundry service, they wash our clothes in a very safe way that does not harm the environment or the clothes, and the quality of our clothes remains maintained.
By the way, in this article, we discuss step-by-step how to wash clothes without a washer.

Instruments Which You Need To Wash Clothes Without Washer

  1. Soft Brush 
  2. Large water tub
  3. Laundry detergent
  4. Stain removal chemical
  5. Gloves 

How To Wash Clothes Without Washer?

Here are some tips that help you to wash your clothes when you have no washer at your home.

Separate Your Light-colored Or Colored Clothes

If we wash our white and colored clothes together, it is very bad for our white and light-colored clothes. Because some of our clothes are light in color, they accept the effect of colored clothes quickly and our light clothes get the color of dark clothes. I am not saying that all clothes get discolored, but some clothes are so raw in color that every time we wash them, their color definitely gets added to the water. 

So, to avoid any possible problems with your clothes, it is better to wash your colored and light-colored clothes in separate water. 

Pretreatment Of Your Stained Clothes

Treating clothes to remove stains before washing is my tried-and-true method. Because some of our stains are too hard and not be removed just with the help of detergent or water. So, I use bleach to treat my tough stains and baking soda or lemon for colored clothes. You hold the affected part of the cloth and apply the stain remover on it and after five minutes, rub the stain away from the affected part. If we remove the stains on our clothes first, then later we do not have to face much trouble washing the clothes with detergent.

Wash In Suitable Temperature

Our all clothes are not suitable for all types of temperatures, so we deal with them according to the right temperature. For your better understanding, I mentioned a table below. In this table, I tell you the suitable temperatures for our different types of clothes. So be careful about your clothes and wash them at a suitable temperature to avoid any misfortunes.

Fabric typeSuitable water temperature
Delicate fibers60° – 80°
Lightly soiled clothes80° – 130°
Heavily soiled clothes130° or above

Dip Your Clothes In The Tub

When you have removed the stains from your clothes, fill a tub or sink with water and add powdered detergent to it. But add the proper amount of detergent because later when we wash the clothes with clean water, a lot of time is wasted in removing the detergent. Mix detergent in water thoroughly and soak your clothes for 30 to 45 minutes. But in between the clothes soaking at intervals keep shaking them in a round shape. By soaking up so much time All the dust etc. will come out of our clothes.

Squeeze Out Water From Your Clothes

After 45 minutes of soaking, take out your clothes from the tub and squeeze them out to remove the detergent. And then pass your clothes through clean water. If detergent is used in less quantity, the clothes will be cleaned faster. And when all the detergent is gone, squeeze the clothes and put them to dry in a ventilated place

How To Wash Delicate Clothes Without Washer 

Wash our delicate clothes is tougher for us without a washer. Many people like you have a question in their mind regarding how to wash clothes without washer. However, the washing method of delicate clothes is the same as washing your other fabrics. The only difference is that we wash the rest of the clothes in hot water, but cool water is more suitable for our delicate clothes. And we soak the rest of the clothes for 45 minutes but only 30 minutes is enough for delicate clothes.

Get The Service Of Fastcleanlaundry To Avoid Physical Labour

The procedure of washing clothes without a washer itself is easy but it takes a lot of physical labor. With a job or study we already live a hectic life and further washing our clothes on hand is a very tricky task for us. So, you must take the help of a laundry washing and ironing service to save time for our loving activities. If you are a Kennington, UK resident and looking for a laundry cleaning and dry cleaning service near me, hire Fastcleanlaundry as your laundry partner.
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How can I dry my clothes without a dryer?

The other solution to dry your clothes is very natural and saves your resources. So, shade and dry place is perfect to dry your garments

Any tips for washing clothes without a washer?

Separate your colored and light-colored garments.

Remove stain from stained area. 

Wash them at a suitable temperature.

soak your clothes in the detergent for 30 to 45 minutes.

Squeeze out the detergent water and clean it with simple tap water.

Do I Wash My Clothes With Clean Water?

Yes, if you want to remove just light stains like dirt, you can clean your clothes with the help of simple tap water.

Wrap Up

Finally, you now know deeply how to wash clothes without washer. As I mentioned above, you can wash your clothes without a washer by using some easy tricks like separating colored and white clothes, pretreatment for stain removal, washing at a suitable temperature, dipping in the detergent water, and squeezing water. If you want to wash delicate clothes, the same procedure applies to your clothes but wash them in warm water. 

Washing clothes by hand without a washing machine looks easy but it is a difficult task as it involves a lot of physical effort and takes more of your time. To avoid this effort and waste of resources, it is better to booked your laundry cleaning service to wash your clothes. Fastcleanlaundry is the perfect laundry service in Kennington, UK to wash your laundry perfectly. You can get all services like cleaning, dry cleaning, ironing, folding, packaging, and repairing alterations for your laundry. Fastcleanlaundry offers you free pickup and delivery laundry service, so contact +447340834819 to avoid the efforts of washing your laundry without a washer.

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