Commercial Laundry Service: Guide

commercial laundry

If you are running a large-scale business and you are worried about washing the clothes used during the business, So you need to know about the commercial laundry service. After reading this article, you will know what is commercial laundry is and what is the procedure of their work. So stay connected with me to know all about commercial laundry.

A commercial laundry service is a large business that supports large businesses in laundry cleaning. Apart from washing, you can get dry cleaning, ironing, and folding services for your clothes. Mostly, hotels hire commercial laundry for their laundry cleaning service. hotels have limited space, therefore they do not laundry their textiles in the hotels.

And even if they are washed, it is not properly cleaned, and also, it is quite expensive.

if the clothes are not washed well, when they are used by the customer, it does not give a good impression of your services. And it affects the reputation of your business. Suppose that, you stay in any hotel, that provides good hospitality services, but if their bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels are dirty and slotted, would you like to stay here?

Therefore, for a good reputation for your hotel, it is your responsibility to provide a clean and healthy environment to your customers. So, in this case, commercial laundry service is the best solution for you. You can improve your business by getting the services of laundry from commercial laundry. Also, the commercial laundry service picks and delivers outfits to your site. It would not only be cost-effective, but It also saves your precious time.

Difference Between Commercial and Home Laundry

  • Commercial laundry has large washing machines to deal with the pile of dirty fabric of your wide business. These machines clean at one time 20 to 80 kg of weight clothes. At the domestic level, we use small washing machines, which clean just 10 to 15 kg of clothes.
  • Commercial laundry service deals with the pile of dirty fabrics of large businesses. In contrast, at home laundry, we do laundry just our daily used clothes.
  • In domestic laundry, you can just wash your clothes, while commercial laundry offers dry cleaning services along with washing your clothes.

Which Type of Business Can Hire Commercial Laundry Service?

Every large business, that accumulates a large pile of dirty clothes daily, can hire commercial laundry to wash, dry clean, iron, and fold them. Here I mention some large-scale business names that can hire commercial laundry.

  • Restaurants/hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Textile manufacturing companies
  • University and school hostels 
  • Catering services
  • Salons
  • Gyms and fitness center
  • Airbnb hosts 

How Does Commercial Laundry Work? 

Commercial laundry service does not only provide the facility laundry cleaning service. They also provide you with different facilities that are beneficial for you. 

Pick-up facility: When you place an order for commercial laundry service, they pick up your dirty linen from your site/business.

Sorting:  some clothes in your laundry that need to be washed with bleach. Therefore laundry staff sort and separate them. Also, they sort the clothes according to fabrics and quality.

Stain removal facility: Before properly washing, commercial laundry staff check out your linen. If any stain appears, they clean it with stain removal detergents.

Repairing alterations: If your clothes have a little repair, the laundry service will also repair alterations to your clothes. Like if a button breaks, they sew it. And if you want to reduce the size of your clothes, they do too.

Washing: After stain removal, laundry staff put the clothes into the washing machines. When it is properly cleaned, then it is passed out from clean water.

Drying: After washing the clothes properly, laundry staff put them in the dryers to dry them. 

Ironing: The commercial laundry provides the facility of ironing for your clothes too. 

Packaging: when all the treatment for your clothes is complete, the staff pack your clothes.

Delivery: The final and last step of the laundry service is to deliver your clothes to your business site.

Key Factors when Choosing Commercial Laundry Service

Before hiring any commercial laundry service, it is important to check its online reviews. Check if their reviews are positive or not. Sometimes it happens that you hire an inexperienced laundry service. which does not provide you with the right services. Search to find good laundry service. But a better option is to talk to your friends or neighbors. They can better guide you about good service

And hire a laundry service that’s near to your workplace to reduce the cost of transportation. You always choose the service, that provides laundry cleaning service according to your budget. 

Hire Fastcleanlaundrey toWash Your Business Outfits

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1- How much time take for commercial laundry to return fabrics after cleaning?

After washing, commercial laundry delivers your clothes in 24 hours at your site. But if your fabric is in a large amount and very dirty, then, they provide it to you within 48 hours.

2- what is commercial laundry?

Commercial laundry service supports large businesses in handling their linen. Many large businesses, hospitals, hotels, gyms, cafes, etc. hire them for laundry cleaning services.

3- what are the 4 types of laundry?

  • Self-Service Laundry
  • Dry-Cleaning 
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Fold Laundry Service


You can understand that commercial laundry service is how many essential for large businesses. Laundry cleaning services not only provide the service of washing clothes, but they also provide ironing, dry cleaning, and packaging services. If you want to repair your clothes they also provide repair alterations services.

You should always use the laundry cleaning service, which is suitable for you. To get reliable laundry services at a reasonable price, you can hire Fastcleanlaundry. For booking our services, you can call +447340834819. 

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