How Does Dry Cleaning Works : Unveiling Process

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Are you want to dry clean your linen but you don’t know how does dry cleaning works. So, don’t worry. In this article I will explain the dry cleaning process. After reading this article, you will know how does dry cleaning works.

We have some of our clothes which, if washed with water, affect their quality. Detergents are not suitable for them and the color of the clothes deteriorates. Therefore, dry clean is suitable for such clothes. Dry cleaning not only maintains the quality and color but also the freshness of the fabric. And the duration of the fabric increases.

But there are some clothes for which dry cleaning services are not suitable. Then they are washed according to the instructions on the label on the fabric. Dry cleaning uses chemicals so some people don’t understand how to dry clean. So in this article I will tell you “how does dry clean works.” And What are the steps involved in it?

What is Dry Cleaning?

The “dry cleaning” word suggests the meaning of her word: it is a method of washing clothes that does not use water. Dry cleaning uses chemical solvents instead of water. Which cleans the clothes while maintaining the fibers and color of your clothes. Many people also use dry cleaning services to maintain the shine of clothes.

 Dry cleaning uses chemicals to remove stains like grease and oil from your outfits. In simple words, washing your clothes in a large machine with a stain-removal solvent is known as a dry cleaning method.

Process of Dry Cleaning: How Does Dry Cleaning Works

Dry cleaning is not just one step, but it is a procedure step by step. Here I describe some steps that are used during the dry cleaning procedure.

Labeling of Garments

When clothes experts receive your clothes for dry cleaning services, they check the care label that is sewn on your clothes. On this label, all cleaning instructions mention that it is according to the fabric quality. Which cleaning method and detergent is suitable for clothes also is mentioned on the clothes label. Clothes experts dry clean your linen according to labeling instructions and with modern techniques.

Examining Garments

Examining is the actual process of checking out your clothes. When you hire a laundry service for dry cleaning services for your outfits, the clothes expert checks the fabric type and quality, whether this fabric is suitable for dry cleaning or not. Apart from them, they examine which cleaning procedure is suitable for your outfits. If your outfits need repairing, clothes experts mark them. Also, they check the pockets of your clothes to make sure there is no item left in your pocket that can be damaged during dry cleaning services.

Pre-treat Stains 

This process is done before dry cleaning. If your cloth is stained, then dry cleaners mark the stained area. Dry cleaners use special techniques to deal with stains. Professional clothes dry cleaners are trained, they know which technique is suitable for your fabric, and then they deal with it accordingly.

Machine Dry Cleaning

After checking labeling, examining, and stain removal, then come to the stage of dry cleaning your clothes together with similar stains in the machine. Dry cleaners put your fabric in machines and also put the tetra-mixed solvent. After this, the machine is run so that the solvent circulates and removes the stains.


Post-spotting means rechecking your clothes after dry cleaning services. Dry cleaners check your clothes after the cycle of dry cleaning. If the stains are not properly removed, they use professional tricks to remove the stain.


After all the steps, come up with the final step of finishing. Dry cleaners extract the solvent from the fabric. They iron your clothes and use professional tricks to make your clothes shine and crisp.

Cleaning Benefits

Dry cleaning services are beneficial for your new clothes. It provide many befits.

Great for Fragile Textiles

Some clothes fibers are so delicate that they cannot be washed in water. If they are washed with water, their fibers get damaged and this affects their quality, so dry cleaning services are suitable for certain types of clothes.

Could Help Preserve Certain Textiles

The main benefit of dry cleaning is maintaining the freshness, crispness, and quality of the clothes. Dry cleaning services are also not harmful to the color and texture of your linen. Almost all types of fabric suitable for clothing:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cashmere
  • Velvet
  • Suede, etc.


Although dry cleaning is the best procedure for cleaning clothes, in some situations it does not work.

May Not Be Able To Remove Some Stains

The dry cleaning process is suitable for oil and grease stains. Sometimes, it does not work on the other hard stains, so, dry cleaner professionals use different techniques to remove the stain from your clothes.

Not Effective On All Fabrics

Dry cleaning services are not suitable for all types of fabric. The chemical which is used as a dry cleaning solvent may damage the fabric of some clothes. That’s why always check the clothes label to see which cleaning procedure is useful for certain linens.

Is Dry Cleaning Necessary?

Dry cleaning is not necessary for your clothes, it is your choice. If you don’t compromise on the quality of your clothes, then dry cleaning services are the best for your fabrics. Dry cleaning services also prevent the cloth’s fiber. Dry cleaners professionals use safe chemicals that are not harmful to the color of fabric.

When No Need for Dry Cleaning

Some of our fabrics are easy to stain and can be washed with water and detergent. Save your money by washing these clothes at home


Cotton is a very soft fiber. Solvents used in dry cleaning are not suitable for cotton. Cotton fabrics should be washed gently with a mild detergent.


Denim is a great quality fabric that is used in your jeans and jackets. The cleaning of denim does not require dry cleaning services. Whenever you get a stain on them, clean it with the help of water and detergent.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics can also be washed at home. These clothes have label tags on them which mention all the instructions regarding washing them. Wash synthetic fabrics at home by following these instructions to save money.

What Can’t Be Dry Cleaned?

There are some clothes that can be dry cleaned Not suitable for In which clothes Include plastic if they are dry cleaned So they can be harmed. Hence these clothes

It should be washed with water.

How to Work With Your Dry Cleaner to Get the Best Results 

Dry cleaning your clothes at home takes more time than washing them. And some people don’t know how does dry cleaning works so there is a chance of mistakes and stains not being properly removed from your clothes. But if you get the services of a dry cleaner, they are trendy. Dry cleaners use different techniques to remove stains from your clothes. They dry clean clothes in such a way that the color, fiber and quality of your clothes are not affected.

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Fastcleanlaundry uses eco-friendly solvents for dry cleaning services. Fastcleanlaundry also offers bedding washing, ironing, folding, packaging, and repair alteration services to make your life easier. 

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What takes place during the drying process?

During the drying process, extract the solvent from the fibers through compressing. After that, iron the cloth.

Is it preferable to dry clean or wash?

It depends on the fabric that it will wash with cleaning or dry cleaning. If the fabric has delicate fibers and you have feared that cleaning with water damages the fibers and color of clothes, then dry cleaning is the best option for you.

Is it hygienic to dry clean?

Yes, dry cleaning is hygienic. During the dry cleaning process use certain chemicals to kill the germs and sanitize your clothes.

Is dry cleaning done with petrol?

No, you do not dry clean your clothes with petrol, because it is a flammable liquid that can be harmful to you or your clothes.


As you know how does dry cleaning works. In the dry cleaning method, we clean our clothes with chemicals instead of water. These chemicals are not harmful for your fabrics. Dry cleaning services prevent your fabric color and quality. Most delicate clothes are damaged when washed with water and detergent. But for fragile clothes dry cleaning services are the best solution for cleaning them. At home, we should not dry clean properly because it is time consuming work. 

That’s why we should hire laundry service for our clothes. If you are the resident of London and in search of laundry service near me than Fastcleanlaundry laundry is the best service. We provide free pick and drop for your laundry. We work for save your time and money. You can contact us(+447340834819) for efficient dry cleaning services.

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