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Are you worried about oil stains, gained while dealing with oil, and grease? don’t be upset, by taking some proactive measures you shall be able to completely remove them from your clothes with less effort and time.

Everyone especially the person dealing with oils is vulnerable to having stains on their clothes, even kids get very much such kind of stains while playing in the backyard or fields. The quality and look of your clothes might be lost with such marks which result in waste of clothes if some prompt actions or preventive measure may not be taken from your end. From this article, you will be in a position on how to remove oil stain from clothes easily.

Most Common oil stains you encounter:

Types of stains are the first thing that you should keep in mind before moving to how to remove oil stains from clothes. The most common stains that you might get from oil sources such as lubricating oil, cooking oil, kerosene oil, hair oil, body lotion, grease, etc. These stains are tough to deal with and require special techniques to encounter them. With some understanding of oil stain type and its inherent properties, you will be in a position to completely remove them.

4 Best tips to remove oil stains

The response level that you take against oil stain removal matters a lot. Immediate action will provide you with a higher probability of getting rid of those stains. As much as you delay in starting corrective measures against oil stains, the chances of oil stains removal become vague. This is perhaps because oil stains become hard and sticky with an increase in time.  The following tips should be taken into consideration at your end when moving to stains of oil removal from clothes:

1.      Immediate sock the oil with absorbent clothes

2.      Confined or don’t spread it

3.      Using hot water to remove them

4.      Use the open-air drying method in order to completely remove them.

In this regard, the most common methods used in addressing how to remove oil stain from clothes as mentioned below one by one:

wash your clothes with hands

Use chalk:

Chalk is an excellent absorbent that you can use to decrease the intensity of the oil stains on garments. In this regard, you have to apply white chalk on the clothes and fill the whole area of stains. One thing that you should keep in mind while using chalk, is the color. Use white color instead of any other particular color. Color chalk may affect the color quality of your clothes. For using chalk, the following guidelines must be adhered:

·       Apply it on the stain area and scrub it.

·       Use retention time of 5 to 10 minutes.

·       repeat this procedure, if required

·       Wash it thoroughly

Use Dish Soap:

Dish soap is another powerful ingredient that is easily available at your home to be used for oil removal from clothes. This is due to its powerful properties and chemical bonding with oily stains. To meet an objective, apply the dish soap to the specific area of clothing. The rubbing is essential to decrease the intensity of the stain and give a retention period of 5 to 10 minutes. Depending upon the delay in response, the retention time will be enhanced. Then wash it gently and dry it in the open air. In case of having any shortcomings, repeat this process.

Use Baking Soda:

In order to have answers on how to remove oil stain from clothes, you will finally come to an excellent solution. This solution is the use of baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent and is easily available at home. In this regard, add the baking soda to the particular area of the clothes. Allow it adequate retention time as it draws more impressive results on increasing the applying time. Based on the severity of stains, retention time may be up to 15 hours. Then use a brush to rub it. One thing is important to note that baking soda causes skin irritation. Therefore, appropriate proactive safety measures should be deployed. Then dry it after washing. Repeat the process, if required.

Use Synthetic Fabric:

This method stain removal is a spontaneous solution. In this regard, synthetic fabric is used to remove the oily stain. However, it is only effective in the case of small oily spots and immediately apply fabric to remove time. With a delay in response, oil penetrates fabric and makes it difficult to remove it.

Use Vinegar:

Vinegar is an excellent solution that you come across while searching on how to remove oil stain from clothes. To remove a stain, dip the specific area of clothing into a vinegar solution and keep it for about 10 minutes. Use hot water with vinegar, if the color of the clothes is other than white. Then wash and dry it. Repeat this exercise in case of the still existence of stain.

Use Shampoo:

Shampoo also plays an important role in removing stains from clothes just like you use it on hair. In this regard, apply shampoo on the required area of clothes with little water. Rub it thoroughly and wash it. You will get good results by opting for this method stain removal.

bleach in washer

Use Hot Water and Spot Remover:

One of the oldest and best ways how to remove oil stain from clothes is the application of hot water with spot remover. in this regard, apply spot remover on the area of the stains. Then keep this in hot water for a while and rub it. By this method, you will be in a position to completely remove the oily stains.

Place the Laundry in the Machine with detergent:

To remove stains from clothes, it is advisable to always opt for the option of a capsule filled with detergent for the washing machine. This provides you with a hassle-free approach in order to cope with stains. Further, the machine intelligently uses the number of detergents according to the requirements. Therefore, this makes you effective utilization of detergents.

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How do you get dried oil stains out of clothes?

In this regard, baking soda may be your choice as a cleaning agent. Apply it on the stain area and give retention time of around 15 to 34 hours. Then wash and dry it. You will discover the awesome results.

What home remedy is used to remove oil from clothes?

The most common remedy used at home to remove oil from clothes is the application of vinegar. In this regard, you have to simply dip the stain portion of clothes in the solution of water and vinegar. Wash the clothes after rubbing. Now, you have stainless clothes.

How to get oil stains out of clothes in the UK?

In the UK, there are several good and affordable oil stain removal service providers. However, in the area of Kennington, Fastcleanlaundry is an excellent option. I used their services. Their results were amazing which I was not expecting. Highly recommended.

Will vinegar remove grease from clothes?

Vinegar can be used to remove grease stains but the level of results will be different from fabric type to type.

Wrap Up:

To address how to remove oil stain from clothes requires a suitable methodology to be opted according to the type of stain. In this regard, time to respond to such a stain is important one. The chances of stains easily removal will be enhanced upon short response time. However, common methods are important such as using vinegar, baking soda, chalk, and shampoos which one can apply at home to get rid of oil stains easily.

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